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Great week spent in Piedrahita!!!

To extend our summer (which was quite rainy this year...), the Alpsfreeride team with some other \"Welchs\" pilots decided to go at the Piedrahita XC open.
We were really lucky with the weather as we were able to fly during 3 to 6 hours every day! During the first part of the competition, we had cloudbase between 3000m and 3600m and we managed to fly 80kms to 130 kms each day. It was difficult to fly faster because thermals were a little bit \"lazy\"....During the second part of the week, conditions were quite stable but flying in Piedrahita is fantastic because even with stability you can still manage to fly more than 50kms! Damien Tuvo performed well in this stable condition by flying one day 115kms...the same day no one was able to fly more than 60km!!!This flight allowed him to win the competition by only 2 points ahead of Godfrey Wenness!
The other Welchs flew well as well during all the week. Below is the final results:

1/ Damien Tuvo, CH, Gin Boom5
2/ Godfrey Wenness, AUS, Advance Omega7 Proto
3/ Paul Tomassi, CH, Gin Boom5
4/ Martin Muller, CH, Gin Boom5 light (who appreciated the CAR retrieve...)
5/ Reynald Mumenthaler, CH, Gin Boom5
6/ Olivier Nef, CH, Niviuk Peak
11/ Patrick Roser, CH, Niviuk Peak

The Alpsfreeride team was the best team and Olivier Nef won the \"serial class\" with his new Peak.

Some pictures are already available here: and some of Jerome Maupoint\'s pictures will be soon available on as he spent the whole week with us.



Damien Tuvo with his boom5 above Piedrahita flatlands
11 September 2007, Reynald Mumenthaler


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Great week spent in Piedrahita!!!

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