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Less cumulus on the take off than yesterday, it looked more stable and more windy...
The task comitee sent us on an 114km optimisitic task, with 2 turnpoints, and more than 60 km between them...
When we took off, it was working quite well, but 15min before start, the whole area started to sink... It was really hard to know what to do because the flats looked inactive and on the volcano side it was notclimbing anymore...
So we started low, in the flats, hoping not to land directly... Then we found some thermals in the flats, not so strong but good enough. We took the first turnpoint and then I could replace myself above the group and stop following from lower. As i was in a good position, i kept pushing forward, until i got low again. Luckily, a good thermal saved me, and again i could be back in a comfortable position. Going headwind in this flats with no clouds was a hassle, we kept fighting until we arrived in a big shadow, just before the big cylinder. Then turning in 1m thermal with the wind was almost like doing nothing, as it was drifting us away...
During the whole task Russel Achterberg was leading, above us and about 10 km in front more less. Don't askme how he could make this gap, i have absolutely no idea. But it was nice to see that he kept going all the time, not waiting around.
Unfortunately he could not reach goal, the day was over and landed atkm 108.
Yannick and I landed about at the same place, 91km
Hoping for better conditions for the next ones

The last turnpoint is in this direction
11 September 2018, Yael Margelisch

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Task 3 + Rankings + Video

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