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Michael Sigel ist PWCA World Champion: Er hat den Superfinal gewonnen!

A 93 km race to goal zig zagging north and south was set. It was a day of marking and flying conservatively until everyone went down at the last turn point – except for 7 pilots.

What a nail biting finish as Michael Sigel, lying in first place overall, raced across the flats, and Nicola Donini in 2nd place, with 3 other top pilots, raced in from the east, each knowing that first across ESS would be crowned winner. After 4 hours and 16 minutes of racing, Michael scraped in first on his Gin Boomerang 11 and Nicola came in second on his Ozone Enzo 3.

This was the best ever finish to a Super Final. What a race to celebrate twenty-five years of the Paragliding World Cup.

Top 3 overall in the 2017 Super Final
1st Michael Sigel
2nd Nicola Donini
3rd Joachim Oberhauser

Top 3 women in the 2017 Super Final
1st Laurie Genovese
2nd Meryl Delferriere
3rd Klaudia Bulgakow

Top 3 nations in the 2017 Super Final
1st France
2nd Italy
3rd Switzerland

21 January 2018, Martin Scheel

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Yanick Lettry on Sunday, 21. January 2018, 11:05

Markus Roschi on Sunday, 21. January 2018, 14:25
Bravo siEgel! Best final ever!!! Ganz grosses kino!!!

Christoph Fässler on Sunday, 21. January 2018, 20:11
Cool, gratuliere!

Andrea Voumard on Sunday, 21. January 2018, 23:08
Complimenti dal tutto il Ticino!

Gernot Seitz on Wednesday, 24. January 2018, 12:31
Gratulation !

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