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This morning we were greeted with an impressive dark cloud over the takeoff mountain ‘Hasan Dagi’ which led to a conservative estimate of todays task probability. Nevertheless a 68km task was set and pilots rushed to launch in the little time given. We were able to climb to a low cloudbase of approx. 2800m with rain approaching from the east. The gaggle therefore took a start position more towards the west which kept us in a save distance. Unfortunatly I was sucked into the white room the minute the start gate opened so I had to spiral down to egalise any advantage. Yannick was in a really good position at the start but missed a thermal at TP1. In contrast, I was able to find a ripper next to the lead gaggle which allowed me to close the distance. Once we left the dark clouds, we raced in a magnificant sky with beautiful cummulus and strong climbs, allowing the leaders to score an average of approx. 39 kmh. The ESS was located right after a downwind hill for which we unnecessarily took extra height so that most pilots arrived with an surplus altitude of roughly 400m. With many pilots having 900+ points, all options remain and we look forward to more flatland racing.
I was placed 46th (940 pts), Yael 52nd (937 pts) and Yannick 70th (899 pts). Congrats to Yael who won the womens ranking today!

nach dem start 1
nach dem start 2
Yannick am Föteli machen
10 September 2018, Philipp Bethge

(11 September 2018) Task 3 + Rankings + Video»


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Task 2 + Fotos

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