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Infos Swiss League Open, 22.-25.4.2011 (Easter)

Possible Flight Area
The possible venues are all over Switzerland, including some close by across our borders, in Austria, France or Italy.

Swiss pilots do not need to register. Foreign pilots are kindly asked to register up front (see Contacts). This is only for your convenience and to make sure that you are accepted before driving here. The maximum number of participants is 80, with a maximum of 30 foreign pilots.

Entry Fee
The entry fee is 50 CHF - 30 Euro. This money is basically only used for transportation to take off. Anything else you will have to pay separately by yourself. We will collect your entry fee during track-download after the first task.

If conditions are good, the flight area will be announced on Wednesday (20.4.) in the evening at Swiss League pilots and registered foreign pilots will also get an SMS with informations. If the weather situation is difficult, we will postpone the decision to Thursday (21.4.), at noon.
We try to be honest with our weather forecast, in order you always can decide to participate or not. No entry fee is requiered if you do not show up.

FAI Cat 2-Event
Unfortunately we missed the deadline to register this event at the CIVL calendar.

- Martin Scheel:, cell phone: +41 79 44 55 163
- Swiss Federation (Sport), Elizabeth Vögtli:
- Contact for registration: Send an e-mail with your personal informations (glider, cell-phone, mail) to

12 April 2011, Martin Scheel


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