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(I'm pleased to write this report, I doesn't happens very often 😅, but as my German writing is not good I do it in English 😝)
Today, task comitee set an 83km task through the valley. Well, that thing didn't need a proper briefing as it was just north to south and back.
We just had to head north for the start and then see...
We took off early, and luckily because it took ages to get to the start point. weak thermals, crowded as hell... It was really long until we got in a good position.
Then the start opened, we jumped off on the northern Crete to the mountain in the middle of the valley. we got some lifts, but it was quite unorganized and also crowded, quite difficult to find the core. I think we were all a bit skeptical about how the flats would be working today, as all the southern part looked like a big soup... Then we caught the first themal in the flat which was huge, playing the game of finding the best lift. The group split at that point, as we had to go back a bit to the east to get the best lift, some kept on going on the course line. The group on the east got the advantage, getting over the head of the one which was more to the west. Then it was just really good, bouncing in good thermals in the middle of the valley, and took about the same line to go back to goal, which was almost a 30km final glide...
Micheal took the last turn point more to the east, what could have been a good idea, but we had too strong lifts to let him catch up. My 3 colleagues already had packed their stuff when I landed in goal, because I didn't want to land short, I went back after the end of speed to get height to be sure (then it was climbing everywhere and I got 1000m above line ). They didn't have as much margin, Dominik flew the last 100m to the line just 10 meters above ground. But they all made it !
📸: Dominik and Michael

09 August 2019, Yael Margelisch

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