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task 8

Today the didn't look so promising, it was completely overcasted. After a long wait at the take off, the task committee set up a 65km task to the south with a concentric turnpoint in the middle of the valley. I took off early to have some options where to take the start, but in the end with the wind there was no many options, flat or mountains and i took the flats as that's where my concurrents were. I took a really good line and trued to keep a position with always people under me, trying to be conservative and not put myself in a bad position. I took the small turnpoint in the middle of the valley in a very good position. Michael told us at the briefing that taking it to the east was probably the best option because it was always working well the previous days. But the group went back west, so I went with them. Getting on the mountain was not so easy, we were in a lee side and it wasn't climbing very well so i got caught up by the pilots who were under me. Anyway, it was still a comfortable position, and as it was climbing very well on the way to the mountains, it was again climbing well and easy to get the small turnpoint again. Then Sigeli arrived under us from the east, and he was right, it was much more efficient because he was late at the beginning. Then we headed to goal with backwind and it went pretty well. I was a bit too conservative because I was the highest but anyway... Better be sure than sorry !
And one more time, happy Birthday Sigeli

15 August 2019, Yael Margelisch

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task 8

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