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Swiss Cup Salève 2011 - Task 2 and overall ranking

We had again great condition for the second day of this SwissCup. We decided one more time to set a task offering multiple options between the flatlands and the Salève. At this game, Christoph Trutmann was the best and won not the only the second task but also the overall ranking. Tim Bollinger finished second of task 2 by flying the end of the task in the flatlands meanwhile Christoph took the option of flying back to the mountain. Anders Baerheim finished thrid of this second day and we have 12 pilots at the goal.

Below the different overall ranking.

Overall female ranking:
1/ Regula Strasser, Ozone Mantra R10.2
2/ Emanuelle Guglielmetti, Niviuk Peak2
3/ Daniela Hofer, UP Edge XR

Overall open ranking:
1/ Christoph Trutmann, Ozone Mantra R10.2
2/ Michael Küffer, Niviuk Peak2
3/ Paul Tomassi, Ozone Mantra R10.2

Overall serial ranking
1/ Michael Küffer, Niviuk Peak2
2/ Jan Sterren, Ozone Mantra M4
3/ Gerald Barbaglia, Niviuk Peak

Complete overall rankings are available here:
- Female
- Open
- Serial

Congratulations to the winners and thank to all pilots for coming in the far west side of Switzerland. We really appreciated to see you above our Salève!!!



Female podium
serial podium
open podium
01 May 2011, Reynald Mumenthaler


PHOTOPRESSE on Tuesday, 3. May 2011, 08:24
The pictures are visible to these addresses:

Elie Bourdilloud on Tuesday, 3. May 2011, 18:13
And can be ordered by e-mail :)

monsilein on Tuesday, 3. May 2011, 20:32
wow - beautiful pics!!

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Swiss Cup Salève 2011 - Task 2 and overall ranking

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