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Weather report and program Thursday

A high-pressure bridge stretches from southwest Europe to the Baltic States. On the north side of the Alps, the air mass is still humid in lower layers and the Alpine region remains in slightly unstable air. Moisture is pushed to the Alps from the south.

In the Alps quite sunny, but (high) clouds from the south. In the second half of the day some cumulus clouds and occasional showers (but probably only in the south of us).

2hp north overpressure, normal valley winds, 2000m west wind, 3000m weak NW.


Actually good thermals, but dampened by (high) clouds (from south). And because of the subsidence not so cool conditions. Base probably 2600m.

Friday and Saturday
Good for nice task!

Program Thursday:

Ride up 9:00-9:30 to middle station Caischavedra:
- free coffee, tea, croissant
- Briefing 9:50
Ride up 2nd section according our needs, probably 10:30h

Take off probably 11:30

Landings at Sax (Catrina Lodge) from 15 h

19:30 Spaghetti Party

21 August 2019, Martin Scheel


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