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Welcome to the reports of the second PWC in 2018. The place was changed in last second due to some unknown (!?) problems between the organization and the city of Castelo. This is why we changed to Baixo Guandu. However, for us pilots this is even better, as the weather is usually better and the region allows more interesting task here. However, as it is a small town, the Swiss pilots are spread all over the places to get an accommodation.
The following pilots are here:
Michael Küffer
Yael Margelisch
Jörg Ewald
Beat Zysset
Alfredo Studer
Emanuelle Zufferey
Michael Sigel
and exile Swiss Franz Schilter
Today we had a nice training day here and it felt good to be back in the air. Smooth and nice thermals, black granit rocks, green landscape and blue sky. Like always the best Swiss pilot will write a short report on the day’s task here. Stay tuned and follow us on the live tracking.

Takeoff <br />©Küffer
Baixo Guandu<br />©Küffer
Rio Doce <br />©Margelisch
15 April 2018, Michael Sigel

(15 April 2018) Day 1 - Task 1»


Ruedi Maurer on Sunday, 15. April 2018, 06:59
Danke für den Bericht, ich wünsche euch gute Linien und viel Glück!!

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