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once again the switching wind directions forced many pilots waiting in the buring sun for a takeoff window. a 92 km task was set taking the pilots west, then south, then back north to Andradas with an enter cylinder at 12:40, very close to the take off. i was able to get in the air fine by choosing a different take off and had a good airstart. like the past days, choosing good lines was of utmost importance again as we were gliding in sinky air untill way below the comfort limit. yael was right with the leaders after the first TP when her group got very low over some coffee fields in rough air with little escape options from the hill.
i somehow managed to find a broken thermal that i was able to climb in while many pilots had to land at this point. half way around the course and after fixing my speed system, i connected to the lead gaggel in a very slow climb in the shadow of a growing, dark cloud. the final glide was supported by the ridge of andradas and into a bumpy landing field at goal.
we enjoyed a great swissleague dinner at the steakhouse and all look forward to the final day with, thats the forecast, a steady wind direction.

14 September 2019, Philipp Bethge

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