Delta League
Acro League
Monday and Tuesday cancelled, Tuesday Evening/Wednesday Morning Registration

Light foen (2hp).
High clouds in the afternoon (a lot).
Little valley wind, the Föhn does not take effect in Chur yet.
2000m: 10 kmh SW
3000m: 15-25 kmh W
Thermal top 3000 m

Foen, 4hp, maybe a short flight to Illanz is still possible. But attention!
No valley wind or from south, Chur 20 kmh south
2000 m clear SW wind, 10-15 kmh
3000 m SW 20-30 kmh
Thermal top 3000 m

Many clouds and from noon precipitation

Precipitation, Wind

Clouds in the morning, good conditions for a task in the afternoon
Normal valley winds
2000 m some north
3000 m 10 kmh South
Base probably about 2700 m

Depending on the model still ok for a flight or early precipitation
Valley: Models different
2000 m 5-10 kmh S
3000 m 10-20 kmh S
Great uncertainty in the forecast

EZ makes clouds, ev. precipitation, GFS quite beautiful...
Trough axis travels across Switzerland
Great uncertainty in the forecast

According to current forecasts Ok :-)

Worse again…


I think we're holding on to that:
- Tuesday Evening/Wednesday Morning Registration
- Wednesday Task

For the second half of the week we will have to observe the Jura option.

16 August 2019, Martin Scheel


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