Delta League
Acro League
Margelisch Yael

Team A, Mastery Cadre SHV No. 46256
Sponsors GDentanBySutech, Verbier, LaSportiva, ONEDAY, Naviter, Alp'Sports Thérapies
Job Ski instructor
Hobbies skiing, kiteboarding, cooking, ski touring, speedriding
Flying Since 2010
Competition Since 2013
Flying Because It's freedom at its best and I always dreamt of it
Successes 2nd (29th overall) PWC Superfinal Baixo Guandu 2018
2nd (33rd overall) PWC Turkey 2018
Swiss champion 2018
3rd (43rd overall) European Championship Portugal 2018
2nd (49th overall) PWC Italy 2018
3rd (26th overall) PWC Brasil 2018

4th (42nd overall) Superfinal 2017
1st PWC Ecuador 2017
3rd PWC Disentis 2017
4th PWC Serbia and France 2017

3rd PWC Saint-André les Alpes 2016
2nd PWC Portugal 2016
7th Superfinal Governador Valadares 2016

3rd PWC Disentis 2015
3rd PWC Bir Billing 2015
2nd Swiss Championship 2015
Goals Mastering all kind of paragliding disciplines, Competition, XC and acro
Glider / Color Ozone Enzo3 Pink/Blue
Glider Picture


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