Swiss Cup Cimetta at Gurnigel

1. May 2022

Meeting point
Riggisberg Parking 46.8096, 7.4793
Sunday, 1.5. 9:30
Autobus (not public transport) and Truck for the bags
Take Off
D04 Vorder Gurnigel

Registration deadline:
Saturday 18:00. Late registrations has to pay CHF20 or €20 in cash. 
Pls unsubscribe until Saturday, 9:00 !! It is important to organize the autobuses.
To cancel your registration you have to click on your name and choose „my competitions“.

Swiss League

Entry fee:
CHF 20
To be payed in cash at meeting point.

Number of participants:
A maximum of 80 pilots will be accepted

Technical meet director:
Martin Scheel
Time Based System TBS.
Jörg Ewald

Rules and local regulations:
Waypoint-Files Download
Map Download
Map Link to (pull the kml-file in to the map)


Information for foreign pilots: If you plan to participate regularly in our events, it is easier for you to create a user account.