Swiss League Cup Final

3. September - 4. September 2022

Minimum headquarter services provided. Pilots are responsible for waypoint installation on their instruments, and for mailing their back-up igc-file to the organizer in case of problems with their tracks.
Sunday, 4.9.:

Independent journey from Interlaken to Grindelwald by public transport. Interlaken Ost departs at 9:05, Grindelwald arrives at 9:39.
(I have made a reservation for 60 pilots).

Meeting point / briefing Grindelwald valley station 9:50am
Briefing on terrace Restaurant First 10:50

Landing on the Höhmatte Interlaken.
Coffee / aperitif and debriefing approx. 16:30 (Hapimag Interlaken, 46.6877, 7.8601, for League Pilots free)

Waypoints, map and airspace:
Waypoints BEO 2022-c
Map BEO 2022-c

Waypoint files must be uploaded to the GPS by the pilot.
Each pilot receives a tracker, which he must operate himself and install appropriately.
The evaluation of flights will be done using GPS tracks from the Livetrackers. Each pilot is responsible for the backup and must be able to send a valid igc to the organiser.

Registration deadline:
Saturday 16:00. Late registrations and no show has to pay CHF20 or €20 in cash.

Entre Fee:
CHF20 or €20 / Day. To be payed in cash at meeting point. The same if you don't show up (you pay at next competition. To cancel your registration you have to click on your name and choose „my competitions“).
Meet director:
Martin Scheel
Time Based System TBS.
Jörg Ewald