Local Regulations Swiss Cup and Swiss League Cup

Local Regulations Swiss Cup and Swiss League Cup
Version 20.1.2022
6.4.22: Added how to get CIVL-ID
18.4.22: Added return conditions for Trackers
24.5.2022 Added "liability insurance"
Swiss Cups are organised by a local club in cooperation with the SHV and the Swiss League. Normally, the Swiss League is responsible for all technical matters (meteo, task, live tracking, scoring).
If a Swiss Cup is cancelled, it is possible that a Swiss League Cup will be announced at another location with better flying conditions. This under the condition that the flight profit is probably good.
Swiss League Cups are organised by the Swiss League. The location is determined by the best flying conditions, whereby the driving effort and the probable (flight) profit should be in reasonable proportion.  Therefore, they are held in the centre of Switzerland, when it is likely that one good task can be flown, and in the whole of Switzerland and border areas, when it is likely that two tasks can be flown.
Registation fee
  • For Swiss Cups, the registration fee is approximately CHF 40/day. The exact registration fee is published on the Event-Page.
  • For Swiss League Cups the registration fee is CHF20 or €20. To be payed in cash at the meeting point. 

It is desirable that pilots register early at > Competitions. This is so that the approximate number of pilots is known.
Swiss Cup:
Registration Deadline is published at the event page.
Swiss League Cup:
Registration deadline is Friday 18:00. Afterwards, the list of participants is created and the trackers are assigned. Late registrations has to pay CHF20 or €20 in cash. The same if you don't show up (you pay at next competition. To cancel your registration you have to click on your name and choose „my competitions“).
A telegram link will be published about a week before the event. All communication will take place via this chat group. E.g. also early weather reports, details about the meeting point, task, etc.
If possible, the location will be announced two days before the Swiss (League) Cup (e.g. Thursday for Saturday) from 20.00 on the homepage, Telegramm and and possibly by e-mail. In case of uncertain weather conditions, the time of the announcement can be postponed until 13.00 the day before.

Meeting point
The pilot must arrive at the meeting point at the latest 5 minutes after the official time. Pilots arriving late are not entitled to a free ride up and are responsible for their own meteo and task information!

Check-In and Report back with SMS-Safety-System
Check-In: Befor every task all pilots have to register by sending an SMS "para start sl" to +41 79 381 60 10. Pilots who are not registered cannot be scored (also for technical reasons)!
Report Back: Immediately after landing, the pilot must report back by sending an SMS "para stop" to +41 79 381 60 10. The pilot is liable for search actions due to missed report back (plus dinner for searcher...). In case of repetition, the pilot will be disqualified.

Waypoint files are published on the website and must be uploaded to the GPS by the pilot. Normally there is no help to upload the files in to the GPS.

Each pilot receives a tracker, which he must operate himself and install appropriately. If, exceptionally, there are too few trackers, individual pilots are defined who have and can set up live tracking themselves.
Return conditions (if you don't return it on location):
- on the first working day after the event
- in a padded envelope or cardboard
- correctly stamped for priority-post
If you do not do this, you will be fully liable for the new price of the tracker
In any case, you will be charged 10.-, or 20.- if sent too late.

The evaluation of flights will be done using GPS tracks from the Lietrackers. Each pilot is responsible for the backup and must be able to send a valid igc to the organiser.

A map of the flying site with waypoints will be handed out to all pilots.
Air navigation obstacles: Lufthindernisse
Glider chart: Segelflugkarte

The public-law regulations apply, in particular the aviation and hang gliding regulations as well as local agreements. It is the pilot's responsibility to load the files on his flight instrument and to comply with the regulations.
If nothing else is specified at the briefing, this airspace applies (with special regulations for hanggliders): Linkkml-file (drag and drop to or open in Google-Earth), Download
Retrieve is not organized. Public transport is easy to use. Link to the timetable.
Scoring and Scoring Categories (C 5.8.4 and C 6.5.4)
In 2022, all Swiss tasks will be evaluated with TBS (Time Based System). Discard Overall Ranking: 3 of 10 tasks, Discard Sportsclass: 4 of 10 tasks. This page explains the basics of TBS. All details can be found in the TBS specification.
The scoring Categories are:
  • Overall
  • Female
  • Sport (up to EN-C. The sports class is evaluated separately, so it is not an extract from the overall ranking)
  • Juniors (<26, only Swiss Cup)

The order of interpretation of the rules is: Briefing, Local Regulations, Swiss Sporting Regulations, PWC, CIVL. When in doubt, use common sense. Link to all these rules.

Technical Meet Director: Martin Scheel
Scorer: Jörg Ewald
Live Tracking Manager: Samuel Zurbriggen
On Swiss Cups, the local organizer will be general meet director.

It is mandatory for all pilots to be registered in so they have a CIVL ID and can get WPRS-Points.
If you do not know your CIVL ID:
1) Search here ("Search by name or CIVL ID" right below "Paragliding").
2) If you don't have one yet:
Create a new profile at, then click on the link "Registration".

List of documents to provide at registration (foreign pilots only)

  • FAI sporting licence
  • IPPI Card
  • Pilot’sNational licence
  • Insurance Third party liability CHF 1 Miio.

If you don’t have a liability insurance with at least 1 million Swiss franc, you can buy one at the Swiss Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (SHPA) for 30 days (51 CHF) or 120 days (82.50 CHF). 120 days is the maximum.

In addition, you can buy complementary accident insurance. It is useful if your accident insurance does not cover paragliding or hang gliding accidents in Switzerland. It costs CHF 158 for 30 days and CHF 396 for 120 days.

Order an insurance: or +41 44 387 46 83


Services included in the entry fee:

  • Map with take-offs, turnpoints, landings, restricted areas 
  • Turnpoints files
  • Water on take-off
  • Normally Toilets on take-off
  • Transport to take-off 
  • Scoring
  • Live-tracking
  • Daily meteorology briefing
  • Very informative task-briefings