PWC24 Location


Flight Area

Map as pdf


Ho to get there

By Car:
Follow the Google-Link

By Train:
Check the time-table at SBB

By Airplane:
At both airports, Geneva and Zurich, the railway station is located directly below the airport. Use the "By Train" link to plan your connection.


Landing area and Headquarter at Interlaken

Landings are planned at the large Höhematte landing site in the centre of Interlaken. Every day, 100s of tandem pilots and many free pilots land there. 



The headquarters are also located at Höhematte, in the Kunsthaus, 50 metres from the landing site. Link on Google-Maps to the HQ.
The bistro is open in the afternoon, with a bar, food and music.
Registration will be in the event-hall.



Please be aware that the underground car park directly at the HQ is very expensive. The large car parks at Interlaken East Train Station (link on Google-Maps) are cheaper (we all will take the train to Grindelwald at Interlaken East).


Take Off

Take of "First"
The allowed take-off area will be marked. Launch assistants are mainly at the official take off below the briefing area.

Transfer to Take Off

Pilots and Officials will take the train from Interlaken to Grindelwald.

Departure Interlaken East 08:04 (be there 10 min. early!) or according announcement on Telegram.
Arrival at Grindelwald 08:40
10-15 min walk (or you can get the bus) to the Cable Car Station (Google maps)

Cable car to First will take you 25 min. 

We have a priority line at the cable car station in the morning. However, if you arrive late, you may have to queue for a long time.

Tickets for train and cable car

You will get a ticket for each flying day wich is valid from Interlaken to Grindelwald, and for the cable car to the take off.

With the Pilots-batch, pilots who live on the route Interlaken-Grindelwald, can also use the ticket for their journey home in the evening (e.g. Wilderswil - First in the morning, Interlaken - Wilderswil in the evening). 


Accommodation in Interlaken is expensive and books up early! It is therefore advisable to search early on the usual platform Interlaken Tourismus.

Accommodation at better price is possible on the route to Grindelwald. Pilots can board the train in the morning on the whole route without travelling to the HQ in Interlaken first. You will get the train+cable-car-ticket at HQ when you report back in the afternoon before. Information about the timing is sent on Telegram in the evening and in the morning. 

Campers and Minibusses

For campers, we will offer a big parking spot at Jungfraupark and organize a shuttle in the morning.

  1. Toilets only, no electricity. CHF 15 / night

 You will have to pay cash and in advance at headquarter.