PWC24 Program



Saturday, 4.5.24    
  If the weather is good, we organise a training day. Grindelwald, Meeting point Interlaken East
  The officials and pilots arrive later in the afternoon. Kunsthaus
17-20 Registration All 120 pilots have to visit four "stations" where documents are checked, material is handed in (including T-shirts) and the pilots' flight instruments are loaded with the latest data. Kunsthaus, Event-Hall
19-20 Apéro Riche Apéro before the General Briefing Kunsthaus, Event-Hall and outdoor
20-21 General Briefing Attended by around 90 pilots Kunsthaus, Event-Hall
Flight days, Sunday, 5.5. to Saturday, 11.5.24    
07:30 The headquarters opens to deal with questions, complaints etc.Meteo and Tasksetting Kunsthaus, Event-Hall 
08:04 The pilots travel independently to Grindelwald and Grindelwald First Interlaken East, BOB to Grindelwald
10:30  Briefing at the take-off site Take Off First
11:30-13:00 Launch window open: The pilots have time to take off individually  
ca. 13:00 "Airstart": The pilots are allowed to fly over a virtual starting line  
from 14 Landings on the Höhematte Höhematte, Official landing site
  Returning the tracker Kunsthaus, Event-Hall 
14-19 Bar&Coffee Kunsthaus, Event-Hall&Outdoor
Special evenings    
Wednesday, 18:30-21 "Pilots' evening". All 120 pilots, officials and all helpers are invited. In case of bad weather the evening will be postponed. Kunsthaus, Event-Hall&Outdoor
Possibly additionally Catering to order on 1-2 further evenings Kunsthaus, Event-Hall&Outdoor
Prize-giving ceremony    
Saturday, 11.5.24 Apéro ... Kunsthaus, Event-Hall&Outdoor
  ... followed by the award ceremony