Swiss Open 24 Location

How to get there

By Car:
Follow the google link

By Train:
Check the time-table at SBB

By plane:
At both airports, Geneva and Zurich, the railway station is located directly below the airport. Use the "By Train" link to plan your connection.

Flight Area


Headquarter, cable car station and main landing zone

There is a 10 minutes walk from the main landing zone to the HQ. There will be shuttles for the wings.


Landing area

The main landing area is not a huge one, and it might be crowded. Be aware that students and tandem pilots are also landing there so respect the approach. If you land a bit out of the delimited area, walk towards the windsock and fold your glider in the designed area please.



Parking is easy and free around the HQ and at the station. Reminder, If you leave your car overnight, make sure that it's on P4, next to HQ. It's not permitted to leave a car during the night on the main parking close to the cable car.


Take Off

Take off will also be shared with local schools and tandem pilots. Please enter the take off only when you are ready to go


Transfer to Take Off

We will use everyday the cable car to go to the take off site. In the station, there is water and toilets. A scale will be brought on take off. The lift ticket you will receive allows you to go up as many times as you like.



We recommend you to look for accomodation as sson as you know you are attending the event, so you will have different options. You can also consider taking an accomodation in Verbier itself rather than in the valley.

For the camping at HQ, once you arrived, register on the parknsleep app. It costs 21,5.- per night, toilet and shower in HQ. Ther is no electricity on the patking but a solution will be found.