Swiss Open 24 Program


Saturday, 11.8.24    
  If the weather is good, we organise a training day. You will need to pay for the lift ticket if you are willing to fly one this day Cable car Station
  The officials and pilots arrive later in the afternoon.  
17-20 Registration All 120 pilots have to visit four "stations" where documents are checked, material is handed in (including T-shirts) and the pilots' flight instruments are loaded with the latest data.  HQ Salle Saint Marc
20-21 General Briefing Attended by around 90 pilots  HQ Salle Saint Marc
Flight days, monday 12.8. to Saturday, 17.8.24    
07:30 The headquarters opens to deal with questions, complaints etc.Meteo and Tasksetting  HQ Salle Saint Marc
10:30  Briefing at the take-off site  Les Ruinettes take off
11:30-13:00 Launch window open: The pilots have time to take off individually  
ca. 13:00 "Airstart": The pilots are allowed to fly over a virtual starting line  
from 14 Landing  
  Returning the tracker  HQ Salle Saint Marc
Special evenings    
One evening "Pilots' evening". All 120 pilots, officials and all helpers are invited. The evening should be planned for an evening with good weather.  HQ Salle Saint Marc
Prize-giving ceremony    
Saturday, 17.8.24 as soon as possible after the last task, apéro and prize giving ceremony  HQ Salle Saint Marc