Flight Area

Turnpoint-Map, Waypoints and Airspace


Waypoints and Airspace for competition

Note: For XCTrack pilots there is a region "COMP CH" which can be activated. Thus the airspace files do not have to be downloaded. More information can be found here.

Please ensure that your instrument is set to use the WGS84 Ellipsoid. We have observed that Oudies, when they receive an update, will silently change their map datum to the FAI Sphere. Please check these instruments carefully after any update.

Make Waypoints and Airspace visible


Main Take Off Gendusas

Red = controlled take off if neccessairy. Blue (below the road!) = free take off at any time.
Very nice WebcamsWebcams on take off site Disentis-Gendusas


Main Landing Area L01


Landing Area L02 Trun

Landing Area L23 Ilanz

Landing Area L20 Flims


Landing Area L30 Schiers