Airspace and Obstacles


Obstacles in Switzerland

This links shows most of the obstacles in Switzerland:

It looks difficult - but in our area we have only 1 cable, which always disturbs (please note that it has more cables):




Penaltys for airspace at Swiss Comps (PWC Rules are different)

  • 0-Tolerance at official airspaces
  • 1 point / m at wildlife-airspaces
  • GPS altitude

In our area we don't have many restrictions. Maximum altitude is everywhere 3960m AMSL (~13'000ft AMSL)

Airspace for competition

Make airspace visible

Service for XCTrack pilots

Pilots using XCTrack as flight software can activate the airspaces with the XCTrack airspace function. To do this, select the region "COMP CH" in the "Airspaces and Obstacles" menu and click on update. 

Important 1:
To ensure that the correct airspaces are loaded, the region must be updated every day before takeoff.

Important 2:
Do not activate additional regions. Especially "Switzerland" should be deactivated during the competition.

Note: The region "COMP CH" will only be visible in the XCTrack at the competition. 


The following map sections are informative only. Only the airspace file and (country "COMP CH") is valid.

Bad Ragaz

Airport for sailplains mainly. There is a 5km radius, minimum height to fly over is 1100m AMSL.


LSD-Brigels: We will inform you, when it is active (its never a problem)


Heliport Tavanasa: Dont land in the gorge - anyway!


LS-R Chur

LS-R Chur is a army artillery shooting range area. We will inform you, when it is active.


Heliport Untervaz 



Used by Rega (helicopter) and powered aircraft. Minimum height to fly over is 1050m AMSL.