Retrieval with offitial carrier RHB, MGB and Postauto. 

We will publish a promotional code for the return journey via Telegram on each flying day. 

Important for Swiss pilots with half fare card:
We are aware that tickets are difficult to buy, and even more difficult if you have a Half-Fare Card. However, we urge you to indicate the Half-Fare Card. Anything else would be throwing money away, so we would invoice the amounts after the Swiss Open.

  1. Go to the webshop or scan the code:

  2. Enter
    - your Target destination (normally "Acla da Fontauna")
    - Date
    - One Way
    - 2nd Class
    Click "Next"

  3. Enter
    - your Name and birthdate
    - Reduction "half fare travelcard" if you have a "Halbtax"
    You can add travellers.
    Click "Add to Card"

  4. Enter
    - the "Discount code" you recieved per whatsapp in the morning
    - the Amount should now be CHF 0.00
    Click "Proceed to Checkout"

  5. Coose
    - Checkout as Guest (if you don't have a "half fare travelcard")

  6. Enter
    - Name, Mail, Address
    - Choose "I do not want to take out insurance."
    - Accept "general terms" and "privacy policy"
    Click "Place Free Order (CHF 0.00)

    Your Ticket will be sent to you via email !



From Landquart to Chur the regional RHB runs parallel to the Swiss SBB. With your Discount Code you are only allowed to use the RHB! If you get in troubles, you have real troubles. They will try to charge you CHF 90 as a fine. Call me, if this is the case... 


Online Timetable

Online Timetable
- Click the „Locate me“ button
- Enter „Acla da Fontaun“ as destination