Flight Area

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Flyer "Paragliding"
Information at Cross Country Magazine 212

Ho to get there

By Car:
Follow the Google-Link

By Train:
Check the time-table at SBB

By Airplane:
At both airports, Geneva and Zurich, the railway station is located directly below the airport. Use the "By Train" link to plan your connection.


Headquarter, Landing Area, Situation at Disentis

The landing site is right next to the headquarters and the official Hotel Catrina Lodge. Both are just a 5-minute walk from the "Acla da Fontauna" railway station and the cable car station.


Parking, Camperspace and Situation at Catrina Lodge

Due to the Space for Campers, parking spaces at the HQ are limited. For longer stays, please park at the Cable Car station.



Briefing at Caischavedra and Transfer to Take Off

We normally do the task briefing at the Caischavedra middle station. The transfer with the chairlift then only takes around 30 minutes.

The take-off site is right next to the chairlift station Gendusas.