Swiss Cup Frutigen

3. June - 4. June 2023

Pls read the Local Regulations first:

The Swiss Cup Frutigen is cancelled and will be held in the Jura. Find all Informations here. 

No headquarter services provided. Pilots are responsible for waypoint installation on their instruments, and for mailing their back-up igc-file to the organizer in case of problems with their tracks.

Swiss Cups are organised by a local club in cooperation with the SHV and the Swiss League. Normally, the Swiss League is responsible for all technical matters (meteo, task, live tracking, scoring).
If a Swiss Cup is cancelled, it is possible that a Swiss Cup flex will be announced at another location with better flying conditions. This under the condition that the flight profit is probably good.

Waypoint files
will be provided and must be uploaded to the GPS by the pilot.

Each pilot receives a tracker, which he must operate himself and install appropriately.
The evaluation of flights will be done using GPS tracks from the Livetrackers. Each pilot is responsible for his backup and must be able to send a valid igc to the organiser.

Registration opens:
Registration deadline:
1.6.23, 18:00

Freien Flieger Frutigland, Mathias Zurbrügg

Entry Fee:    
CHF 30.- / day 

Number of participants:    
A maximum of 80 pilots will be accepted.


No retrieve providet. It is easy to use the public transport.

Meet director: Mathias Zurbrügg
Technical Delegate: Martin Scheel
Scoring: Jörg Ewald

Rules and local regulations:
Local Regulations:
Airspace: Zero tolerance using GPS altitude.

Services included in the entry fee:

  • Transport to take-off 
  • Extensive meteo-briefings
  • Very informative task-briefings
  • Turnpoints files
  • Live-tracking
  • Water on take-off
  • Toilets on take-off

Cheap grill and drinks in the afternoon at debriefing / Price Giving.