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PWC Disentis: Meteo and Info

Martin Scheel 20. August 2020 World Cup Disentis
Until noon in the east (Flims-Davos) still cloud fields
1-2/8 Cumulus rising to 3300
Individual overdevelopments possible at the very east
Thermal weak to moderate, relatively ! late start

Pressure gradient increases from 3 to 4hp south overpressure

Wind from here to Calanda:
No or weak valley winds, in Chur ev weak south wind
2000m 15kmh SW
3000m 20-25kmh SW

East of the Rhine the SW wind should be weaker. Davos should have weak, normal valley wind (north) at 15h.

I expect that we will fly to Davos and land in Schiers.

Briefing middle station 9:45
Chairlift at 10:30


068ce-ch-ctrl-uv4000-012.jpg 076vis-ill-cosmo-e-09.jpg 063ce-ch-ctrl-uv10m-012.jpg 064ce-ch-ctrl-uv800m-012.jpg 067ce-ch-ctrl-uv3000-012.jpg 065ce-ch-ctrl-uv850-012.jpg 070bildschirmfoto-2020-08-20-um-07.04.44.jpg 072bildschirmfoto-2020-08-20-um-07.07.40.jpg 071ce-ch-ctrl-psr-012.jpg 077vis-ill-cosmo-e-12.jpg 066ce-ch-ctrl-uv2000-012.jpg 074bildschirmfoto-2020-08-20-um-07.03.08.jpg 060ce-ch-ctrl-rrrs03h-015.jpg 061vibn09.jpg 058bildschirmfoto-2020-08-20-um-06.58.38.jpg 059ce-ch-ctrl-clc-015.jpg 069bildschirmfoto-2020-08-20-um-07.03.50.jpg 057ce-ch-ctrl-dursun-r06h-018.jpg 056ce-ch-ctrl-dursun-r06h-012.jpg 062ce-ch-ctrl-vmax10m03h-012.jpg 073bildschirmfoto-2020-08-20-um-07.03.25.jpg 075vis-ill-cosmo-e-06.jpg


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