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Martin Scheel 3. May 2024 PWC Grindelwald-Interlaken 2024

At the weekend, the Alpine region will be on the front of a low pressure zone over north-west Europe in a moderate south-westerly current. On Saturday evening and during the night to Sunday, a low pressure system over the Benelux countries will bring more humid air to the north-west half of Switzerland in particular. After a brief period of easing, Switzerland will again be under the influence of a new low over Brittany on Sunday evening and humid and unstable stratified air will flow towards us. On Monday, the cold front of the low-pressure system finally reaches our country.

Saturday, 14 h Grindelwald-Interlaken

1-3/8 Base 2500?
Cirrus clouds and medium-high cloud fields above

Weak due to snow and wet conditions, later moderate. However, there will be more clouds later on, which will slow down the thermals again...

Grindelwald is protected from the strong SW wind. The higher and the further west, the stronger the wind. This can be seen clearly in the wind charts.

Ground weak valley wind system
2000m 5-15 kmh W
2500m 10-20 kmh W
3000m 30 kmh W

Ground: valley wind system, 10-20? kmh W
2000m 15 kmh W
2500m 20 kmh W
3000m 40 kmh W

Further West it is stronger.

8:40 Short Briefing at Interlaken Ost:
I will bring the tickets

9:04 your train leave to Grindelwald
You travel to the take off (see info-pdf)

Have a break in the restaurant :-)

11:30 Briefing at take off with Urs Dubach
We will set a task, just for training. No trackers, no ranking ...
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PWC Grindelwald-Interlaken 2024



PWC_039 Bildschirmfoto 2024-05-04 um 07.32.03.jpg PWC_040 c2e_ch_ctrl_DURSUN_R06h_012.png PWC_041 c2e_ch_ctrl_DURSUN_R06h_018.png PWC_042 c2e_ch_ctrl_CLC_009.png PWC_043 c2e_ch_ctrl_CLC_012.png PWC_044 c2e_ch_ctrl_CLC_015.png PWC_045 c2e_ch_ctrl_PSr_012.png PWC_046 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv10m_012.png PWC_047 c2e_ch_ctrl_VMAX10m03h_012.png PWC_048 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv800m_012.png PWC_049 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv2000_012.png PWC_050 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv3000_012.png PWC_051 VIBN09.png


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