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PWC: Meteo-Info. Decision for a training task on Saturday will be made tomorrow.

Martin Scheel 2. May 2024 PWC Grindelwald-Interlaken 2024
Basically, the forecasts are still uncertain, even for Saturday/Sunday. But we'll give it a try:

Warm front, clouds coming in from the west. Wind on the ground from the northwest, 15kmh SW wind at 2000m, 25-30kmh SW at 3000m. Weak thermals up to 2800?
Best thermals probably at 2pm (but still weak). Flyable, but I would be pessimistik for a valid Task.

Bright but diffuse radiation, clouds coming in from the west later in the afternoon, followed by possible precipitation.
Wind at 2000m 15 kmh SW, 3000m 25 kmh SW
Weak thermals up to 2800m
we can fly. Whether there is a valid task is still too early to predict. But it is the best day before the disturbance and we must do everything we can to make the most of it.

The following forecasts are even more uncertain than before (high altitude low, whose course is difficult to calculate):

Cloudy, some precipitation and windy from 2000m.

Cloudy and possibly some precipitation. The wind has shifted to the NW, but is not very strong.

Bise (low NE-wind), low cloud (at 2400m) is possible, forecast absolutely lottery ... If it turns out like this, then it would be a day for a start in Interlaken.

From Thursday we hope for an improvement in the weather.

As I said, it's all a lottery! We're focussing on Sunday!
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PWC Grindelwald-Interlaken 2024


PWC_001 VIBN09.png PWC_002 Bildschirmfoto 2024-05-02 um 19.02.04.jpg PWC_003 c2e_ch_ctrl_DURSUN_R06h_048.png PWC_004 c2e_ch_q50_DURSUN_R06h_054.png PWC_005 c2e_ch_ctrl_CLC_048.png PWC_006 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv10m_048.png PWC_007 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv800m_048.png PWC_008 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv2000_048.png PWC_009 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv3000_048.png PWC_010 06727-06734_48.png PWC_011 Bildschirmfoto 2024-05-02 um 19.02.28.jpg PWC_012 c2e_ch_q50_DURSUN_R06h_078.png PWC_013 c2e_ch_q50_DURSUN_R06h_072.png PWC_014 c2e_ch_q50_CLC_072.png PWC_015 c2e_ch_ctrl_RRRS03h_075.png PWC_016 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv10m_072.png PWC_017 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv800m_072.png PWC_018 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv2000_072.png PWC_019 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv3000_072.png PWC_020 06727-06734_72.png PWC_021 Bildschirmfoto 2024-05-02 um 19.02.45.jpg PWC_022 c2e_ch_q50_DURSUN_R06h_102.png PWC_023 c2e_ch_q50_DURSUN_R06h_096.png PWC_024 c2e_ch_q50_CLC_096.png PWC_025 c2e_ch_ctrl_RRRS03h_096.png PWC_026 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv10m_096.png PWC_027 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv800m_096.png PWC_028 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv2000_096.png PWC_029 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv3000_096.png PWC_030 06727-06734_96.png PWC_031 c2e_ch_q50_DURSUN_R06h_120.png PWC_032 c2e_ch_q50_CLC_120.png PWC_033 c2e_ch_ctrl_RRRS03h_120.png PWC_034 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv10m_120.png PWC_035 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv800m_120.png PWC_036 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv2000_120.png PWC_037 c2e_ch_ctrl_uv3000_120.png PWC_038 06727-06734_120.png


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