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Summary CIVL Plenary meeting 2022

Michael Sigel 6. February 2022 CIVL Meeting
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After two difficult years, 2021 seemed to go back to be almost normal. However, there were still not as many events as pre-Covid and everybody had to be more flexible. There were 3 FAI World Championships held:
- 3rd FAI World Paragliding Aerobatics –Trasaghis, Italy
- 17th FAI World Paragliding – Tucuman, Argentina
- 11th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy – Prilep, N. Macedonia
The year 2021 was average number of accidents. The one PG fatality was a result of a small cravat developing into a full spin and an unsuccessful reserve deployment.
Airscore (new scoring software) is finally ready and should be available later this year. WPRS was unfrozen in November 2021.

The following things will change and should be considered by Swiss pilots:
In 2019 the top 5 Women and defending champion’s rule were added. But that gives the big nation a big advantage for the team. After very long discussions the rule is adjusted so Defending Champions plus top 5 Women combined extra spots are limited to only one extra spot to any nation. There are obvious issues with women and team representation in World PG XC events. The Bureau will open a discussion on the matter. All solutions will be explored, including stand-alone Women and Team championships. The discussion may conclude with proposals to the 2023 plenary.

The event management system (EMS) will be mandatory for Cat. 1 Events. But not (yet) for Cat. 2 Events.

The Allocation deadlines changed and is now: After the two-month deadline, available spots may be allocated following the general principle of allocation until 14 days before the start of the event.

There were many changes for aerobatics, mainly on maneuvers and changing from U25 to U23.

The plenary followed Jörg Ewald’s proposal to change the task distance calculation.

Attention: tracking interval changed from 5 to 1 second.

From now on we can have Junior Championships. For sure they have to follow certain qualification criteria and it is not clear what glider class they will be allowed to fly (in separate Junior Cat. 1), while the age is changed from 25 to 26 years.
A CIVL working group comprising manufacturers and CIVL representatives is formed to define a standard for distance calculation to the restricted airspace. There will be no tolerance.

From now on harnesses should be handled same for certification as paragliders.
To participate in First Category events, a harness and back protector combination must have been tested to LTF09 or EN1651:2018 or after, more than 90 days before the start of the event. CIVL publishes an indicative list on its website.

From now on there will be the same rules and penalties for cloud flying as in the PWC.
The next FAI comps that are approved:
17th FAI European Paragliding Championships in Pegalajar, Spain from 16th to 29th June 2024
1st FAI World Junior Paragliding Championships in Tolmin, Slovenia from 18th to 31st of August 2024


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