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Swiss Cup Zinal: Canceled. Regio Zinal on Saturday

Martin Scheel 29. June 2023 Swiss Cup Zinal 2023
Die Prognosen sind zu unsicher und mit schwacher Thermik, die Anreise ist für viele weit, und bei der ersten Austragung des Swiss Cup in Zinal sollen gute Verhältnisse sein:

1) Der Swiss Cup ist abgesagt
2) Am Samstag wird ein Regio in Zinal statt finden : infos hier :
3) Der Swiss Cup ist auf das Swiss Cup-final-Weekend im September verschoben
Les prévisions sont trop incertaines et avec des thermiques faibles, le déplacement est long pour beaucoup et les conditions devraient être bonnes lors de la première édition de la Swiss Cup à Zinal :

1) La Swiss Cup est annulée
2) Une régio aura lieu le samedi à Zinal. Infos ici :
3) La Swiss Cup est reportée au week-end de la finale de la Swiss Cup en septembre.

The models and also the members of the Ensemle model are very different, the forecasts are uncertain.
In the Alps, the soils are wet in many places....


On the northern slope of the Alps
with many clouds partly useful thermals, but also disturbed by some supply of warm air and damp soils.


In the morning low clouds dissipating, in the afternoon formation of 1-3/8 CU with base 3500 m.

Good gradient, but thermals disturbed by warm air supply (4°) and cloudiness.

Moderate valley winds
2000 m 5-10 W
3000 m 10-15 kmh NW
4000 m 20-30 kmh W


Cloudy and partly precipitation on the northern slopes of the Alps


Moisture during the night, but hardly any precipitation, many clouds in the morning, drying during the day.

3-4/8 CU base rising from 2500 to 3000 (4pm). 3500-4200 Isotherm and thereon dispersions

Only weak thermals due to forecast cloud cover and warm air supply. East start in Zinal could be problematic, because only in the afternoon some sun?

Moderate valley winds
2000 m 5-10 W
3000 m 10-15 kmh W
4000 m 20-25 kmh W
Meteo_035_Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-29 um 20.20.08.jpg

Swiss Cup Zinal 2023


Meteo_035_Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-29 um 20.20.08.jpg Meteo_036_c2e_ch_ctrl_CLC_045.png Meteo_037_c2e_ch_ctrl_CLC_048.png Meteo_038_c2e_ch_ctrl_DURSUN_R06h_048.png Meteo_039_c2e_ch_ctrl_PSr_048.png Meteo_040_c2e_ch_ctrl_RRRS03h_051.png Meteo_041_VIBN09.png Meteo_042_VIBN08.png Meteo_043_c2e_ch_ctrl_uv10m_048.png Meteo_044_c2e_ch_ctrl_uv2000_048.png Meteo_045_c2e_ch_ctrl_uv3000_048.png Meteo_046_c2e_ch_ctrl_uv4000_048.png Meteo_047_c2e_ch_m_DURSUN24h_060.png Meteo_048_c2e_ch_m_RRRS03h_051.png Meteo_049_c2e_ch_p_RRRS06h1mm_072.png Meteo_050_c2e_ch_q50_CLC_051.png Meteo_051_c2e_ch_q50_DURSUN_R06h_054.png Meteo_052_INT-VIS_COSMO-E_045.png Meteo_053_INT-VIS_COSMO-E_048.png Meteo_054_INT-VIS_COSMO-E_051.png Meteo_055_Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-29 um 19.02.16-2.jpg Meteo_056_c2e_ch_ctrl_PSr_072-2.png Meteo_057_c2e_ch_ctrl_RRRS03h_069-2.png Meteo_058_c2e_ch_ctrl_uv10m_072-2.png Meteo_059_c2e_ch_ctrl_uv800m_072-2.png Meteo_060_c2e_ch_ctrl_uv850_072-2.png Meteo_061_c2e_ch_ctrl_uv2000_072-2.png Meteo_062_c2e_ch_ctrl_uv3000_072-2.png Meteo_063_c2e_ch_ctrl_uv4000_072-2.png Meteo_064_c2e_ch_m_DURSUN24h_084-2.png Meteo_065_c2e_ch_q50_CLC_069-2.png Meteo_066_c2e_ch_q50_CLC_072-2.png Meteo_067_c2e_ch_q50_CLC_075-2.png Meteo_068_c2e_ch_q50_DURSUN_R06h_072-2.png Meteo_069_c2e_ch_q50_DURSUN_R06h_078-2.png Meteo_070_INT-VIS_COSMO-E_066-2.png Meteo_071_INT-VIS_COSMO-E_069-2.png Meteo_072_INT-VIS_COSMO-E_072-2.png


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