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Task 5 and 6

Yael Margelisch 4. August 2022 16th FAI Paragliding European Championship
Yesterday was a nice day with again northerly winds. The task brought us on a zig zag downwind of 83km. The gaggles were again pretty dense, and the tempo wasn't crazy at the beginning, as the flats were not fully on. at the end of the task, Tim took a different line from the leading gaggle and ended up first in time at goal with 2min ahead of the gaggle. We thought he had won the task, but after recalculation of leading (the formula changed (again!) this morning at team leaders briefing... ) he ended up 2nd of the day.

Today again northerly winds, we went for a 100km downwind. The whole competition split in 2 groups right after the start. but this situation didn't last long as we ended up again altogether at the first turn point. Some of us went into the cylinder because some gliders were climbing from very low. Indeed, there was a super strong and nice climb which brought us to the cloud base, and allowed us to catch from the top the group who was prospecting in the flats. In the end, it didn't change much as we all ended up together again after the second turn point towards the west. We headed up in the direction of previous day's goal, but had to jump over the mountains south from it. For me it was the critical point of the day, I didn't glide well, lost the group, ended up in the lee side of the mountain range and lost some time to make the last 8. km towards goal. All the team was good on the way. Tim was the first Swiss pilot in goal again.
Tomorrow should be again a good day on the weather side.

16th FAI Paragliding European Championship


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