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Day 06

Toni Crottet 13. August 2023 Delta WM Nordmazedonien
Today, lots of NE winds in the forecast. The task lead the competitors to north, then back to south and west near the beautiful lake ohrid for the final towards E to the goal in the south of Krushevo, 126km.

The task was won by Alex Ploner, followed by Attlia Bertok and Franz Herrmann.

This leads Franz on the currently overall second place togehter with Alvaro "Nene" Figueiredo Sandoli and the Swiss Team overall to the third place.

The Rest of the Swiss are:
10: JD
22: Petsch
26: Damien
59: Ubi
84: Fredy

Delta WM Nordmazedonien


_DSC8949.jpeg _DSC8892.jpeg _DSC8896.jpeg _DSC8907.jpeg _DSC8920.jpeg _DSC8943.jpeg Screenshot 2023-08-13 102732.png


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