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Day 09

Toni Crottet 16. August 2023 Delta WM Nordmazedonien
Day 9 in short: not a swiss day.

Very interesting task was set. 152km first south-west then north-east with a zig-zag to goal.

The conditions were totally different again, with Alex Ploners words: The clouds here are wrong... Low-safe was not possible and at some places the pilots hit some serious sink to the ground. One wrong decision ended often to direct land.

Delta WM Nordmazedonien


_DSC8986.jpeg _DSC8988.jpeg _DSC8990.jpeg _DSC8994.jpeg _DSC9014.jpeg _DSC9028.jpeg _DSC9031.jpeg _DSC9034.jpeg _DSC9038.jpeg _DSC9041.jpeg _DSC9061.jpeg _DSC9078.jpeg _DSC9081.jpeg _DSC9083.jpeg task-5.jpg


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