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Day 2 and 3 / Task 1 and 2

Toni Crottet 14. July 2022 Delta EM Monte Cucco, Sigillo, Italy
Task 1 was set from Takeoff Tre Pizzi, since the wind is announced quite stron from NE. There was a difficult takeoff procedure, which made a lot of discussions while takeoff and afterwards. However the organizers are aware and changed quite some things.

The task was set at 91km and the winner got it in under 2 hours. Congratulation to the young french pilot David Gregoire. The Swiss Team landed on super places 14 Damien, 16 Franz, then Ubaldo on 50. Jean-Daniel on 68 and Simon on 74 in their first Class 1 Event made Goal. Petsch on his side had quite a bad start, bombed out after 33km where he got a very unexpected "Spühlgang" with -5m/s.

Task 2 with still E winds, the takeoff was Monte Cucco northside. Quite an interesting task was set traversing multiple ridges and flats counting 119km in total. It turned out that some places, the thermals were weak and stable, windy conditions kicked in. The forecast announced thermal tops higher than it finally was. This time, the "sqadra azurra", the italiens were doing a great job. The mighty winner, Alex Ploners comments on goal: "this was a beautiful task and nice flying". Today we had Damien in goal very fast, Franz did loose time after the start where the "Unfortunate-Petsch" again bombed out. Ubaldo was fighting at the end, but couldn't reach goal. As well as Simon and Jean-Daniel, which run out of time.

Delta EM Monte Cucco, Sigillo, Italy



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