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Day 2 / task 2

Jean-Daniel Kugler 13. October 2019 Monte Cucco trophy 2019
Today the weather was forecasted similar as yesterday : blue thermals with ceilings between 2000 m and 2500 m. However, today seemed to be less strong than yesterday, with the wind being a bit stronger. Therefore, the tasks distances got shorten.

For the open class, a 94 km task was set, flying first south to Cave Nocera, then north to Mt Nerone, then south again to Rigali, and finally to the goal in Sigillo. Alex Ploner made it first in goal, more than 10 minute before Marco Laurenzi, followed closely by Eugen Lysenko.

For the sport class, the same task as yesterday was set, but with bigger radii, which made it 52 km instead of 57 km. My start was much better, i took it alone in front of the field, bit still 6 minutes late. Arriving at the start cylinder i catched a thermal that put me in a really good position for the rest of the task, which i was able to complete first in a bit more than 1h30, so with a pretty good average speed of 33 km/h

However, after two days, it seems that we get more stable conditions than the other categories at the start, especially with lower ceilings. But the organizers are very clear : they want to clearly separate each category, with different take-off windows and differents start times, and they don't want the sport class flying with the open class... It's quite a pity, because when going south, the tricky part is without doubt leaving the take-off area with enough height to make it over Fossato to the wind turbines. Lots of pilots already got trapped there, quite sad when we know that the best thermals are just a bit more south, with 3 to 5 m/s climbs and ceilings to 2200 - 2300 m.

Positive day in the end, the rythm is getting on


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