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Day 4 / Task 3

Toni Crottet 16. July 2022 Delta EM Monte Cucco, Sigillo, Italy
Task 3 - Turbo Boost
Damiano Zanocco, the weather wizard started the day with following:
A beautiful sunny day and I confirm a very interesting day: high base Cumulus (3.400 – 3.700 m), strong thermal activity, wind mainly from west of low or medium intensity, low risk of big Cumulus and risk of Cumulonimbus mainly absent.

Additionally he added: I think that local pilots are waiting for this kind of flying day for a long time.

So the task seemed easy, 2 turnpoints, one start one goal. The tasksetting team let the pilots go discover the beautiful area of Castellucio in the south and come back to the north of the goal in Sigillo and the goal at Sigillo on the foot of Monte Cucco, 171km.

And Petsch is back on track. He was behind the leading gaggle and reached them only in Castellucio half way of the task. But then, he found that famous "Turbo Boost" button on the way back and lead almost all of the rest. Ending first in goal with almost the entire "sqadra azurra" on his back, reminding the famous chase scene from the movie "Super Max" from the 80s.

The winners could fly the task with more than 53km/h average. Damien on the 19th place, could keep his overall ranking. Ubaldo on place 65, followed by Simon on place 69 and Jean-Daniel on place 71. Franz has a pinched nerve in his back and was takeing off a day.

Congratulations to the whole Swiss Team, everyone made goal on this high classified competition. This is very promising for the future, cause overall the team is very young. We all are looking forward to see more from this super team.

Delta EM Monte Cucco, Sigillo, Italy



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