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Day 5 / task 3

Jean-Daniel Kugler 13. October 2019 Monte Cucco trophy 2019
After two cancelled days due to bad weather (bit of rain, strong north wind, risks of thunderstorm), the weather improved yesterday. Because of the still quite strong north wind, the organisation decided to go to Tre Pizzi, with a goal at the aeromodelism airfield.

For the open class, a 90 km task was set, going to the south of the take-off, then to the north (Fabriano), then back to south, then goal. Alex Ploner again won the task, in front of Evgen Lysenko and Valentino Bau.

For the sport class, a small 34 km task was set, going 6 km to the south, the north to Fabriano, then in goal. Again we faced difficult conditions at the start. I really struggled to get some altitude on the first half of the course, especially when flying against the wind, which Pawel did much better than me. It was only back in the take-off area that i could hit some nice altitudes, around 1800 m.

I closed on Pawel in the last thermal, which i left for the final glide maybe one minute after him. But i chose a much better line (more over the valley whereas he took one in the mountains), so iwas able to get on front of him before the goal.

Then, the stupid moment happened. Because the flight had been quite short, i didn't want to land too early and took a thermal just before the end of speed section, because i had some margin on Pawel. But after 4 or 5 turns, i saw him coming in, so i just had the time then pull the VG and cross the speed section, which made me close the task... just 3 seconds on front of him. Lesson learned !

Today we are at the Monte Cucco north take-off. Still 2 tasks to go !


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