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Day 6 / task 4

Jean-Daniel Kugler 13. October 2019 Monte Cucco trophy 2019
In the end, the class sport task from the north take-off got cancelled, due to the strong north wind and low cloud base, coupled with a very tricky cylinder start. In class 1, Marco Laurenzi won the 92 km task by just 1 point in front of Alex Ploner !

Last competition day took place at the south take-off. Conditions turned out to be very good but also tricky, with some cirrus clouds passing from time to time and cutting off the thermals. Many pilots got grounded because of these cirrus.

For class 1, a 109 km task was set, going south of Colfiorito, then Gubbio, then back to Sigillo. Alex Ploner won the task again, in front of Moroder and Bau.

For sport class, a 48 km task was set, similar as the two first ones (flying south and back to Sigillo). I took a good start in front of everybody, and led all the way to the goal, making almost no mistake and completing the course in 1h13, with Andrea 2nd in 1h35, closely followed by Pawel in 1h38 and Luca in 1h40. Close race for these ones !

In the end, Alex Ploner wins the Italian open 2019 and is pre-european champion, with a huge gap of more than 500 points on Marco Laurenzi and more than 700 points on Davide Guiducci. Winning 4 out of the 5 tasks, not for nothing he's the world champion !

In class 5 (forgot to mention it in the summaries, sorry ), Jochen Zeyher wins the competition with just 47 points on Konrad Baumgartner. Federico Baratto is 3rd.

In sport class, i take the first place by winning all the tasks, which is really great ! Pawel Wierzbowski comes 2nd and Fabio Caresi is 3rd and becomes the sport class Italian champion ! Really looking forward to see the progress of the italian pilots, like Fabio, Andrea and Luca, who fly hang gliders for much less time than me but are already very good in thermals and make the goal from time to time. Keep on the good progress guys, you are not far !

Last word : thanks a lot to the organization, Tonino Tarsi, Flavio Tebaldi and all the staff of the Volo Libero Monte Cucco, who put together an amazing event, safety wise and atmosphere wise. For sure the european championships will be a huge success next year !


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