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Days 2 and 3

Toni Crottet 17. April 2022 Swiss Delta Challenge
Day 2
On Day 2 we went with the different groups on different take-offs.

The Group on the Gurnigel Takeoff tried to fly task. The same Task were set for the Elite Group within the Swiss League Cup. There was a short zig-zag on the ridge and goal was over the aaretal to Brenzikofen Goal. Unfortunately, there was stable air coming in with the strong Bise and a big thermal pause installed. Even tough there were nice cumulus, it seemed dead for quite a while. Within this long break, there was only one pilot haveing the patience to stay at the only safe place and made it later to goal.

The Group on the Möntschele takeoff had to make safe takeoffs and solid flying. Not all made it then to the official landing field.

Day 3
The forecast for the bise was quite strong. We decided all to do early basic flights, training starts and landings in Interlaken. Everyone could do 2 flights and the elite pilots could surf the big convergence created when the bise kicked in from the ears against the valley winds from the west.

Swiss Delta Challenge


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