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French Open 2020 - St-André-les-Alpes - Task 1

Jean-Daniel Kugler 10. August 2020 2020 Championnat de France and French Open HG
Because of the thunderstorms developping in the east around the italian border, an 81.8 km task is set to the west with the goal in Oraison. After a good start i manage to follow the lead gaggle without being outruned. I am well sat into the top 10 when the final glide comes, but i'm not confident enough to fly head wind with a 1:10 glide ratio, so i decide to build some more altitude. It appeared to be absolutely unnecessary and made me loose quite some time, as there was good carrier air zones on the plateau over which we had to do the final glide. In the end i come on goal 12th and am 11th of the day, but it could have been a top 5 with bigger balls !

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