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French Open 2020 - St-André-les-Alpes - Task 2

Jean-Daniel Kugler 11. August 2020 2020 Championnat de France and French Open HG
No thunderstorms today, but high could bases and instability. A 135.8 km task is set to lake Serre-Ponçon and back to south with a detour over Digne-les-bains.
I make an awful start (6 min late) so i try to fly fast to catch the guys in front. I finally catch them after around 70 km, but loose them almost right away due to poor choices and my lack of talent in weak and drifted thermals. I again build too much height before flying to the goal, which makes me loose even more time. There was definitely place for a better result today, but it's still a second goal in a row !

Tomorrow the weather looks even better, so we should have another amazing task !


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