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French Open 2020 - St-André-les-Alpes - Task 3

Jean-Daniel Kugler 13. August 2020 2020 Championnat de France and French Open HG
A 112.9 km task is set, with a high clouds cover announced during the afternoon. This time i make a good start and manage to fly in the lead gaggle. TP 1 is quickly done, and we then make the highest altitude possible before the big glide over Bléone valley. The high clouds cover is already there and is very thick, so we favour the glide over the speed. We end up over the Blayeul ridge, where we can't find anything exploitable before a long hour of waiting. The high cover is sometimes so thick that one can barely see the sun, so thermals are very weak, and this Bléone valley crossing grounds most of the pilots. Having finally made TP 2, i head back to the south towards TP 3, but the lead gaggle is split up, as the italian pilots lost patience while waiting on the ridge, and the others arrived too late (or low) to catch some of the bubbles that i flew in.
In the end nobody made the goal, but i end up 2nd of the day after 4 hours of fighting in weak conditions, and improve my overall ranking to 6th, so very positive day anyway !


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