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Task 5-7

Toni Crottet 21. July 2022 Delta EM Monte Cucco, Sigillo, Italy
The Race and Championship is full on. Three more tasks has been flown since, 110km, 132km and 152km. Totalizing until now just under 1000 scored kilometers.

Amazing what the Pilots do during this Championship every day such big flights. I would be very happy to fly a 200km flight in fiesch. Now imagine you do such flights every day for two weeks!! And the conditions are fairly fast, but not yet what it can be in this area, maximum average on tasks 5-7 of 46km/h.

Such Championships are not just a bigger Open or a few days cross country flying. It is by far the biggest event in our sport. You have to show before thinking of joining, that as a pilot you are able to fly over 1000km within two weeks in a big field of the best pilots worldwide. Also it is an endurance test for the support team. They go from hell to heaven every day and i thank them all for their great support, Beni, Lina, Didu, you rock!!

Franz is catching up everyday, always in goal with the first gaggle. Petsch struggled with Harness problems on Task 5 and now found his way into the competition as well. On Task 7 he could catch up from Rank 50 all the way to the front again. Amazing performance and shows what he is capable to. Damien is still on fire and the (i hope you guys apologize) rookies Jean-Daniel and Simon fight hard every day.

There are two more days to go, so that means by far not that its over, now the hard work starts: Keep focussed, accept flying with aches and little muscle pain here and there and as usual, change only little things that need to be changed.

Todays provisional task is announced to 180km!!!

(I had to leave the championships, so thats the reason why there are less pictures and reports)
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Delta EM Monte Cucco, Sigillo, Italy



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