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Warm Up Day

Toni Crottet 14. April 2022 Swiss Delta Challenge
Warm up day at the Falkenflue. Today 13 out of 18 pilots were present. The Task for the good skilled pilots went from the Falkenflue to the Napf and back. The less skilled ones were trying to make Chuderhüsi and back, following the ridge of the Güggel.

We felt the winds, Bise started to kick in, so stronger NW winds at the lower levels were present. The Thermals were there, but drifted by the winds.

Tomorrow, we will divide the pilots into 4 different level groups. Each group will work by its own in a self-regulated mode stronly moderated by the present pro pilots and staff, this provides an optimal self-learning and we will bore out nobody by doing classical frontal teachings.

Each group will then during the challenge present their own findings to the other pilots.

The staff is very curious what they find out!

Swiss Delta Challenge


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