Swiss League Cup Interlaken

5. March - 6. March 2022

Transport Saturday and Sunday
Bus/Post bus
9:45 from Unterseen, Schiessstand Lehn
10:05 from Interlaken West, Bahnhof, Kante B
10:23 Arrival Beatenberg, Waldegg
Bus and Postbus are informed. 20 P from Lehn, 40 P from Interlaken.
Please get the tickets yourself - Thank you!

Beatenberg, Waldegg to Amisbühl > Shuttle with Taxi (13 Seats)

Take off
Bergbo (T03)
Briefing 11:30 at Take Off
No map, no taskboard. Both will be published on Telegram.

Waypoints, map and airspace
Waypoints in diffrent formats
Map with additional infos to the airspace
General infos about the area

Waypoint files must be uploaded to the GPS by the pilot. Normally there is no help to upload the files in to the GPS.
Each pilot receives a tracker, which he must operate himself and install appropriately.
The evaluation of flights will be done using GPS tracks from the Livetrackers. Each pilot is responsible for the backup and must be able to send a valid igc to the organiser.

Telegram group Swiss League Cup 5.-6.3.:

Link to Flymaster

Channel will be communicated on Telegram

Registration deadline:
Friday 18:00. Late registrations has to pay CHF20 or €20 in cash. The same if you don't show up (You pay at next competition. To cancel your registration you have to click on your name and choose „my competitions“).

Entre Fee:
CHF20 or €20 / Day. To be payed in cash at meeting point.
Swiss Pilots:
Comp-League A, A+, B and C-Cadre for free.
Meet director:
Martin Scheel, 079 44 55 163,
Time Based System TBS.
Jörg Ewald
Samuel Zurbriggen: 079 922 29 82,
Pls. contact him directly. 

Rules and local regulations:
Important are the local regulations: