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Michael Sigel 20. October 2019 XC Saison 2019
The XC season is definitely over and it's time to congratulate the winners and those with exceptional flights! If I forgot someone, please excuse me and write me either an email, or whatsapp.

Overall, the XC League looks back on a very successful season. In Caico, extraordinary flights were made and a very good basis for the XContest was laid. Highlights were several flights over 500km and the world record (free distance over 3 turning points) of Michael Sigel. Once again exciting lectures took place on the first Wednesday of each month. Unfortunately the season opening could not take place despite three times shifting...
Worth mentioning is the 1st of May, when Michael Küffer flew 290km FAI in Ticino and Yael set a new FAI world record with 263km in France. On May 23rd Philipp Steinger showed for the first time the potential of the Diavolezza, his 284km FAI were more than 50km further than any other flight on this day. Pascal Bissig and Sebastian Benz flew on 30.5 in Jura FAI triangles of over 182km and 169km respectively.
On June 1st we did an XC league flight in Valais, but many pilots prepared for the next day. Because then came the day of the days in Switzerland! Chrigel Maurer flew from Niesen to Chamonix, then to Saas Fee and via Entlebuch on 343km FAI! Patrick flew on another route from the Niesen to 305km FAI. Also in the Engadine the pilots had a blast: Peter Kleimann (306km), Philipp Steinger (318km), and Pascal Bissig (313km) started on the Diavoleza, flew via Veltlin to Domodossola, then via Vals back to the Engadine. Dino Scheidegger flew 294km flat from Riederalp. Gabriela Jacober-Wüst was the first woman to manage 200km of FAI in Switzerland. June 3rd had more westerly winds, with Marcel Schmid flying over 300km from Pilatus into the Engadine.
On July 23rd Thomas Koster cracked the magical 300km FAI in Valais. Andreas Nyfenegger came on a similar route on 276km, Urs Haari on 260km and also Jörg Bonderer and Toni Brügger managed over 250km FAI. Of course Yael Margelisch also has to be mentioned, who set a new Swiss record for women with 233km flat. Thanks to her 208km FAI Gabriela Jacober-Wüest broke the 1000 point mark in the CCC for the first time ever. The next day Patrick von Känel pushed his glider 330km (flat) from Niesen to Chamonix, to Pilatus and back! Also Michael Maurer cracked the 300km (flat), unfortunately the way to the Saas Valley was blocked for him, otherwise it would have become a huge FAI. Chrigel Maurer chose a slightly different route and made it to 295km FAI. Also Christian Erne was very successful and flew 278km FAI, although he started after 11am.
August started rather badly and only on 14.8 Adi Seitz / Chrigel Erne (230km flat) and Pilipp Steinger (215km flat) made great flights in the Jura again. The last good days were August 25th, where Patrick von Känel flew 257km FAI and Urs Haari 239km FAI in Valais. On 26.8 we did an XC Ligafliegenim Wallis and could enlarge the FAI triangles: 287km Michael Sigel, 265km Patrick von Känel, 264km Adi Seitz, 261km Oliver Keller. The 30th of August was the last good XC day and the XC League went again together on kilometer hunt. Philipp Steinger came on 228km, Michael Sigel on 226km.

Results Switzerland:

1. Patrick von Känel
2. Philipp Steinger
3. Andreas Nyfenegger

1. Urs Haari
2. Jörg Bonderer
3. Urs Odermatt

Fun and Safety:
1. Urs Haari
2. Marcel Weilenmann
3. Thomas Baumann

1. Gabriela Jacober-Wüst
2. Fabienne Schrader
3. Jasmine Vismara

1. Christian Erne
2. Urs Haari
3. Urs Odermatt


1. Michael Sigel
4. Christian Erne
5. Philipp Steinger
7. Patrick von Känel

1. Philipp Steinger

3. Gabriela Jacober-Wüst
5. Yael Margelisch
6. Jasmine Vismara

1. Switzerland
2. Austria
3. Italy

Congratulations to everyone!


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