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Thursday -Second last day in Brazil

Michael Sigel 17. October 2017 XC Brasil
Here is today’s report. As the forecast indicated, the sky was covered with clouds today morning. However, we still went to the airport early in the morning to see if conditions will improve. We arrived at 6:20 at the airport, but the clouds did not disappear and even our most optimistic pilots did not unpack their gliders. Another reason for the slow action was, that an airplane was expected at 7:00 and we had to stop tows for half an hour. During this forced brake we had enough time to have a look around in the hangar near by and discuss the procedure for today and tomorrow. While Chrigel M. and E. have their airplanes tomorrow in the evening, Jan,Patrick, Adi and I are more flexible, as we plan to stay some more days on the beach. Our small group will extend one more day.
Finally the airplane arrived and we were clear to fly again. The conditions improved as well and we saw some nice clouds forming. Both Chrigels and Gebi launched, the others decided for a rest today, as tomorrow looks quite promising. Gebi bombed out quite fast, but the Chrigels are on their way to the west. Currently they are 150km away from Caico. You can follow the action live on . But the mobile phones don’t have a good coverage here and you might also follow Chrigel M. with the Spot:

Today morning I did a Facebook live stream from the airport:


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