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Martin Scheel 25. May 2023 Diverses 2023
The many registrations for our events make selections necessary. The commission has, together with the Regio-Leaders, decided on the following mode (it will be reconsidered in autumn and discussed at the league meeting):

Wednesday evening
- Preliminary information meteo and location
- Preliminary information max. participants
Thursday 12:00 (on time)
- Registration deadline (this will be set in the system)
Thursday evening
- final decision on location and max. number of participants
- provisional selection
Friday until 8:00 a.m.
- Late registration possible, but a late registration fee of CHF 20 will be charged (only after the event, together with "unregistered absence").
Friday noon:
- Meteo decision: Go or No-Go
- final selection

- The maximum number of participants depends on the location. For Swiss Cups this will be published in the announcement, for Swiss Cup flex only with the meteo decision for the location. Normally 100 pilots PLUS the wildcards are accepted (max 111 participants).
- Women: All women who are members of one of the Swiss leagues (not as guests). Foreign women "WPRS top 3000".
- Maximum 11 wildcards:
- 1 wildcard per regio squad (=6) and team leader (= 2)
- 3 wildcards from the organiser. For Swiss Cup flex, the 3 wildcards are for the league, so a total of 5 wildcards for Swiss League.
- 25% of the places are reserved for foreigners (mandatory share for a Cat 2 event).
- All other pilots will be selected according to the latest WPRS (also the foreigners). If there are too few foreigners registered on Thursday evening, they will be replaced by Swiss.

- CHF 20 will be charged for unregistered absence.
- If you can only attend one day, you must register as normal, but email us ( with information on which day you will be absent.
- Comp League A-C cadre can participate "for free" only one day. All others have to pay for both days, even if they only participate on one day.

See link to the updated Local Regulations.



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