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World Cup Final Disentis

The 2021 Superfinal is over. Final summary, prize giving.

Daniel Graf, 18. August 2021
After the last task of the 2021 Superfinal could not be flown due to weather reasons, the results are now final. With seven flights, we can look back on a great competition. The conditions were partly difficult, partly very pleasant. Nevertheless, the best of the best had a neck-and-neck race and well-deserved winners can be crowned. We look back on the 10 days with a crying and a laughing eye. Crying because the competition is already over, laughing because we had a great time with great people. Without an accident, all pilots can return home healthy and satisfied. We are already looking forward to the 2022 edition and will do our best again. Final summary written by Ruth Jessop: Today brings to an end this amazing, first ever, Alpine Super Final. 103 pilots came to Disentis with the same dream: just to fly together and be reunited with much missed friends. Disentis 2021 brought together an all-star cast of young and old, famous and not so famous. We had a Costa Rican pilot in the Super Final for the first time and X-Alps Super star Chrigel Maurer made a comeback. The competition far exceeded all expectations. It was Alpine splendour at its best: Seven tasks with stunning views of rocky peaks and glaciers. For Marc Wensauer it was rock faces, waterfalls, sharp edged rocky ridges, chamois roaming the high pastures and a whole combination of conditions. Wind directions varied, with winds from the north and south high up, then a strong valley breeze from the east, all in one task, giving challenging racing conditions. For Colombian pilot, Alejandro Salazar, it was such impressive terrain and possible to get high in an incredibly short space of time. For Seb Ospina the aerial racetrack here connects so many steep valleys, lakes, intimidating terrain, but at the same time stunningly beautiful panoramas. Even two days of good flying weather would have made it a most memorable competition because of the landscape, but to have had seven is a blessing. Everyone will remember their flights here forever - truly unforgettable flying. For Felix Rodriguez this Super Final has been unexpectedly good. Nobody in their wildest dreams expected seven tasks out of a maximum of ten. The pilot level has been fantastic and great conditions gave very technical flying. But above all, the best thing about Disentis 2021 was all the people helping, with their wonderful, encouraging smiles. I will always remember these nice people. Well done to Martin Scheel and his team of helpers, in particular Danny and Michaela for their efficient retrieve, and Emilia for taking care of the trackers every day. A big thank you to the pilot task committee for daring to set tasks, which they seemed to literally pull out of the mist on some of the days: Michael Sigel, Remo Maissen and Ferdinand Vogel. More than 500km of task distance were set. Aaron Durogati, Michael Maurer, Stefan Wyss, Christian Maurer and Stephan Morgenthaler all won tasks. This competition has been a dream come true for everyone, especially Luc Armant, winner of the World cup in Coeur de Savoie, France in 2017, and San Potito, Italy in 2010. Winning three tasks and flying away with the title of Super Final Champion here in Disentis, makes him truly King of the Mountains. The top 10 overall: 1st Luc ARMANT 2nd Aaron DUROGATI 3rd Adrian HACHEN 4th Stephan MORGENTHALER 5th Baptiste LAMBERT 6th Christian MAURER 7th Honorin HAMARD 8th Joachim OBERHAUSER 9th Julien WIRTZ 10th Ferdinand VOGEL Many congratulations also to Seiko Fukuoka Naville who was first lady in three out of the seven tasks and has already won the ladies’ title a staggering sixteen times. Disentis 2021 brings her Super Final titles to three, have already claimed the top spot in 2016 in Governador Valadares, Brazil, and in Valle de Bravo, Mexico in 2015. Top 5 ladies: 1st Seiko FUKUOKA NAVILLE 2nd Meryl DELFERRIERE 3rd Nanda WALLISER 4th Yael MARGELISCH 5th Constance METTETAL Well done to the top three paragliding manufacturer teams, who have shown that glider and harness design has anything but stagnated over the last 18 months. Top 5 teams 1st Ozone 2nd Gin Gliders 3rd Niviuk 4th Flying Tree Environmental Management 5th Chinese Taipei Gliding Sports Association
World Cup Final Disentis

50-km-Task in the Surselva Valley in stable conditions. Results

Martin Scheel, 17. August 2021
Summary written by Ruth Jessop This morning was damp, to say the least, in Disentis. A short 52km task up and down the valley was set, with a very low cloud base and even lower expectations. The day cleared up progressively, and much to everyone’s surprise, the task proved possible. For Felix Rodriguez it was like flying on Reunion Island, lovely and smooth, although admittedly, the views were a bit different. The dynamics were different to the other days - gentler and nobody reached the dizzy heights of the previous days. We reported in the commentary that geologist Julian Robinson was taking a closer look at some geological features. In fact, he was actually low enough to see the squirrels and tree climbing marmots in the pine trees he was flying over! It was a fast task where, if you made a mistake, you got left behind with no chance of catching up. One quote stands out from today’s commentary, posted at 12:40: I would bet a bowl of muesli that there is more chance of Silvia Buzzi Ferraris managing to finish off knitting herself a down jacket on launch today, than anyone flying 53km from Disentis. Well done to the 73 pilots who made goal and to the pilot task Committee who were brave enough to set the task: Michael Sigel, Remo Maissen and Ferdinand Vogel. Top 3 overall 1st Stephan MORGENTHALER 2nd Honorin HAMARD 3rd Pierre REMY Top 3 ladies 1st Meryl DELFERRIERE 2nd Yael MARGELISCH 3rd Nanda WALLISER
World Cup Final Disentis

Task 6, Stef Wyss wins the 100km-Race. Rankings.

Daniel Graf, 14. August 2021
Summary written by Ruth Jessop With beautiful blue skies a 97 km task was set taking the pilots west, then a long leg east, followed by a circuit round the end of the Disentis valley, then back to goal at Ilanz. For Aaron Durogati it was the best day of the week - not too turbulent and with quite a few options. For Christian Maurer, it was perfect, better than expected, with totally blue conditions. The air start gave everyone stunning views from 3900m. Every time it looked as if it was going to be a procession to goal the pilots chose different route options. For Felix Rodriguez, everywhere was working, no need to stop in weak thermals - a really good racing day. It was a neck and neck race to end of speed between two veteran task winners Honorin Hamard and Stefan Wyss. Stefan won by 1 point bringing his task wins total to 23, inching his way nearer to Tim Bollinger’s Dad, Han’s overall lead of 28 task wins. Just a reminder that you can follow the commentary and live tracking on our split screen: The first 98 pilots made goal, and thus all flew the same distance, and gained the same distance points. Today’s winner is therefore the one with a combination of the best speed points and lead out points. Top 3 overall 1st Stefan WYSS 2nd Honorin HAMARD 3rd Xavier LAPORTE Top 3 ladies 1st Meryl DELFERRIERE 2nd Nanda WALLISER 3rd Yael MARGELISCH
World Cup Final Disentis

54km Task to Ilanz, Photos and Rankings

Daniel Graf, 9. August 2021
Summary written by Ruth Jessop: Day one of the first ever alpine Super Final started off with weather that didn’t even seem to impress the Highland cows grazing in front of HQ. A short sharp 54km task was set, with a turn point at Flims and goal at Llanz. The day was slow to launch but once it got going, what a race. It was anything but a straightforward ridge run. An X-Alps breakaway group led by Christian Maurer and Aaron Durogati took a route much further into the mountains reaching heights of 3300m with stunning views of the glacier and great, grey rock faces. Meanwhile, Honorin Hamard led the charge on the front ridge. Between the first and second turn points some of the leaders from the first part of the race got stuck. From what looked as if it was going to be a Swiss whitewash, Italians, Joachim Oberhauser and Aaron Durogati, took end of speed, almost neck and neck. ‘It was a day where it was turbulent in places, but an appropriate task given the conditions,’ Stephan Morgenthaler confirmed. The first 62 pilots made goal, and thus all flew the same distance, and gained the same distance points. Today’s winner is therefore the one with a combination of the best speed/time points and lead out points. 1 Aaron DUROGATI ITA Icepeak X-One/Impress 3 865 1 Joachim OBERHAUSER ITA Enzo 3/Exoceat 865 3 Adrian HACHEN CHE Boomerang 12/GR4 Gin Gliders, AXALP Technologies 858 4 Stephan MORGENTHALER CHE Enzo 3/GR4 856 5 004 Michael SIGEL CHE Boomerang 12/GR4 Gin Gliders, Jack8Jones 853 1st Seiko FUKUOKA NAVILLE 2nd Constance METTETAL 3rd Nanda WALLISER
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